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Don’t be ‘Tooffless’ - Try Oral7® Toothpaste

Have you ever had that bad dream where all your teeth fall out? Woken up in a cold sweat about the consequences? Hopefully not, but are you doing everything possible to keep those gnashers healthy and firmly in place?

The British Dental Health Foundation found that people are getting lazier over dental hygiene, with 8 times more people not even brushing their teeth! Apparently, only 30% of people are taking the right amount of time (a recommended full 2 mins) – that means 70% of teeth owners aren’t taking enough care!

You don’t really want to know what you’d look like without your teeth, do you? Regular brushing (twice a day) in itself doesn’t guarantee healthy teeth and gums but it will go a long way to maintaining their health. As we all live longer and eat more processed foods and sugars, we need to take better care of our teeth than ever before. You should also make regular visits to your Dentist and eat sensibly – you’ll miss your teeth when they’re gone!

Oral7® Moisturising Toothpaste offers you the perfect gentle toothpaste for tooth care. Using the highest quality products including a natural anti-bacterial enzyme system, this toothpaste is suitable for the whole family.

The enzyme system provides anti-bacterial properties for fighting plaque and keeping breath fresh.

Why not put a smile on your face that you can be proud of?

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