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Oral7® Mouth Gel

Oral7® Mouth Gel contains natural enzymes found in healthy saliva to help reinforce your mouth's own natural defence system, providing lasting antimicrobial protection without the use of harsh chemicals.   Oral7® Mouth Gel contains Aloe Vera to help minimize inflammation, while also protecting and soothing gums for lasting relief.
  • With natural enzymes to help reinforce the functions of healthy saliva
  • Neutralises acids, therefore maintaining a neutral balance of pH7
  • Up to 7 hours relief helps to enable uninterrupted sleep
  • Helps swallowing
  • Helps to keep breath fresh
  • Soothes and protects gums
  • Suitable for denture wearers and mouth breathers
Tube contents: 40ml (50g)


Directions For Use

  • Use as needed, 7 days a week, especially at night.
  • Safe to swallow. Squeeze 1-2cm of Oral7® Moisturising Mouth Gel on to index finger, place Gel on tongue and use tongue to spread around mouth.
  • Swallow a small amount to provide lasting relief in the throat if throat is sore.
  • For best results: Use in conjunction with Oral7® Moisturising Toothpaste and alcohol-free Oral7® Moisturising Mouthwash.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children. If irritation occurs and if dry mouth persists contact a health professional.

Where to buy?
Oral7® is sold in pharmacies, health stores and some supermarkets in Europe, Asia and Australia.