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Oral7® Baby Toothpaste with Fingerbrush (Coming Soon)

Formulated with enzymes similar to those found in a mother’s milk and saliva which protect against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes, Oral7® Tiny Teeth Baby Toothpaste offers gentle, natural protection against germs that can cause tooth decay. Fingerbrush fits neatly onto adult fingers to make cleaning your baby's mouth a breeze while also massaging gums for pain relief during the teething.  
  • Specially designed for gentle and safe oral hygiene for babies
  • Contains protective enzymes naturally found in mother’s milk
  • No fluoride, sugar, artificial colouring or detergent
  • Safe if swallowed
  • Helps relieve the discomfort of teething gums
  • Fingerbrush is soft, BPA free and fits easily on the finger
  • Suitable for infants from 3 months to 3 years.
  Tube Contents: 40ml

Directions For Use

  • Squeeze a small amount of Oral7® Tiny Teeth baby toothpaste onto the fingerbrush and make small, gentle circular movements on the teeth and gums.
  • Repeat daily, morning and evening.
  • For sensitive gums or in case of mild pain at the onset of new teeth, apply gentle pressure as you massage the gums.
  • Brush and massage every day to clean and maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • For best results, use toothpaste with the Oral7® finger brush – made of soft vinyl and free from BPA.


Warning: Do not leave children alone with the fingerbrush.


Where to buy?
Oral7® is sold in pharmacies, health stores and some supermarkets in Europe, Asia and Australia.