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Oral7® Chewing Gum

Oral7® Chewing Gum contains natural enzymes found in healthy saliva to help reinforce your mouth's own defence system. Enzymes are released as you chew to kickstart saliva production and provide longer-lasting protection against plaque and harmful bacteria.
  • Special Gum formula that can be chewed for extended periods without breaking down
  • Does not stick to dentures or dental prosthesis
  • On-the-go relief and fresh breath anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal for dry mouth sufferers and general maintenance of good oral health

Directions For Use

  • For best results, use between brushing teeth with Oral7® Toothpaste & Mouthwash or whenever mouth feels dry.
  • Recommended usage of up to 8 gum pieces per day
Where to buy?
Oral7® is sold in pharmacies, health stores and some supermarkets in Europe, Asia and Australia.